Back on Track

I've missed this place. It's only been a couple of months really, but still, dust collects quickly on the internet. I figured I would get back on track with it and let you know what's been going down.

Even though I've been away from blogging, I've still kept my beady eye on the blogosphere, reading and discovering new blogs, and seeing so many cool ideas that people like to share and read all about.

I've had tonnes of new ideas for this blog which I want to roll out in the next few months: recipes, new topics, new structure, a new design and new adventures (I've also arranged a jaunt to a new, foreign land, which I'll share real soon.) Things need a reshuffle. I want this blog to be more uplifting, informative and encouraging. There will definitely be plenty of food, but I want to add more of a meaningful, thoughtful spin to it.

If you've been following my blog this year, you've probably noticed that I've been all about the food, not so much about the travel. Life has been all over the place for me this year, so all of my travel plans have slid onto the back burner. This year started with me having no money, no job and frankly not much hope either. I was getting job offers that ended up falling through and letting me down. I had settled back home in Newcastle, which wasn't an easy transition to make: I didn't have much money to do anything; my close friends lived in different corners of the country; and I was helping my mum through her anxiety problems (which are always the worst during the winter). However, at the start of spring, I met a nice guy, we went for coffee, and we ended up seeing each other. It came out of nowhere. In spite of everything else going on at the time, being in a relationship was enormously uplifting.

Sadly, the relationship didn't last. He recieved a job offer in Moscow. We entertained the idea of a long-distance relationship, but a few weeks before he was due to leave, he changed his mind, and it ended. Even though I respected his decision, I was totally heartbroken. We decided to stay friends. Two weeks later, I saw that he jumped into a relationship with somebody new. He decided not to go to Russia after all. We're not friends anymore.

So this year has been a scatterbomb of problems, but I made it through, and things finally seem to be settling. I'm getting the hang of my new job and I finally have money to buy decent food and make plans. Moreover, I have money to travel!

There is one thing I have learned for sure this year though: refinement. I feel like I've learned how to refine most aspects of my life: how much food I really need to be satisfied, what hobbies and interests I really have time for, how much money I need to be comfortable, how many close friends I really need, how much 'stuff' I really need to hang onto, and how much space I need to live in. This year has shown me how little I actually need to feel comfortable and energised. It feels strangely liberating to just have the essentials and not much more - it's not as compromising as you'd think. Anyways, I'll probably write a little more about this idea when I've managed to make better sense of it.

Until then, I have plenty of goodness to share with you in the meantime!

Watch this space.




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