White Chocolate Peanut Butter Tiffin

A 'blonde' take on a classic - no baking required!

To most people, tiffin is a British grandmother's favourite. Tiffin is typically made by mish-mashing biscuits and dried fruit with butter and chocolate, before pressing into a tray and setting it in the fridge. Tiffin requires NO baking, so there's very little room for it to go tits-up! Infantile cooking at it's best. Despite how easy it is to make, tiffin always tastes superb; it's dense, crunchy and oh-so rich. I needed to fit it into my life somehow

I adapted a basic chocolate tiffin recipe to make a delicious 21st-century-ready contender that blows away your granny's cobwebs. My 'blonde' tiffin, using peanut butter and white chocolate, tastes spectacular. It reminds me of white chocolate Reese's cups, which I adore. I personally reckon white chocolate is a much better dancing partner than milk chocolate when it comes to peanut butter. As you probably know, peanut butter an incredibly intense - almost traumatic - experience in your mouth. It's so claggy, rich and nutty. White chocolate works so well with that, by giving you a milky, dreamy, harmonious break from all that thick, nutty fiasco.

I actually made these tiffin slices for my workday breakfasts. As taboo as it is these days, I like to eat my breakfast on my way to work. A 'Grab'n'Go' approach means I'm not watching the clock while I mindlessly wolf down an invisible breakfast. What's more, I like to eat a breakfast that has more than plenty of fat and protein, to guarantee that I make it to lunchtime. So, a white chocolate and peanut butter tiffin just made perfect sense. They are bursting with nutty fats and protein, and by using HobNob biscuits instead of digestives, they have a longer-lasting wholegrain punch. Overall, they are indeed calorific, but you want those calories early in the morning.

You could mix this up by using different nuts and nut butters. Try switching peanut butter for almond or cashew butter. These will work just as nicely, so feel free to play around!
What You'll Need:
for 8 slices of dense, nutty goodness
100g Butter
100g Peanut Butter
150g HobNob biscuits (or Digestive/Grahams)
125g Salted Peanuts

25g Butter
200g White Chocolate

1. Start out by taking a large, heatproof mixing bowl.

Add in your 100g of butter, cut into pieces...

...followed by your gloopy 100g of Peanut Butter...

2. No we need to gently melt these two together, and the best way to do that is with a double boiler:

Fill a small pan with some water. Make sure the water in the pan is about 1-inch deep and doesn't touch the bottom of your mixing bowl. Bring this water to the boil, and then turn the heat down to low. Sit your mixing bowl on top of the pan, and allow the steam to heat the bowl and melt your butters...

...until you have something runny and luscious, like this!

Dismount your bowl from it's bath, and set it aside while we obliterate some biscuits!

3. Empty your 150g of HobNob biscuits into a bag, and crack them with a rolling pin (or any heavy object really!) until you have a rough rubble - not like sand - like crumble!

4. Tip your biscuit crumbs into your hot, buttery swamp.

Give everything a good mix until your biscuits are completely sodden with butter.

5. Now simply add in your 125g of Salted Peanuts, and stir until well-distributed throughout your buttery mulch.

6. Tip all of this sticky mixture into a dish; anything smaller than an A4 piece of paper is ideal for this tiffin. Make sure your dish is buttered/oiled or lined with greaseproof paper - it just makes life easier!

Press it all out flat with a spoon and set aside while we tend to chocolatey matters...

7. Snap your 200g of White Chocolate into a microwavable bowl or jug, and add in your 25g lump of butter.

Microwave all of this in 10 second bursts, until everything is melted and thick.

Don't worry if the chocolate looks slightly grainy, it will set glossy while it is chilled, creating a soft, chocolatey topping.

In the meantime, have a dip of a HobNob. It would be stupid not to!

8. Once you've treated yourself, slather this creamy white chocolate all over the top of your tiffin, making sure to smooth it about evenly.

Pop this in the fridge for 2-3 hours...

...and you're done!

Pop it out, slip it out of it's dish, and cut into pieces.

I cut mine into triangles.

I like triangles. :3

Hope you enjoy this gorgeous treat!

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