Playful Banoffee Breakfast Granola

A perky, fun breakfast, served all hours!

There's a special spirit that is so cheerful and child-like in Banoffee - banana & toffee. You really cannot smarten it up, and nor should it be. You probably wouldn't find Banoffee Pie on a dessert menu at any posh, high-brow restaurant joint. Banoffee is jolly, sloppy and completely unphotogenic - it's meant for friends, family and chilled-out picnics. It's such a relaxed dessert, I don't even plate it up most of the time - I just eat it right out of the pie-dish!

Now why wouldn't you want to begin the day with that kind of playful, comforted spirit? You certainly can now! Don't worry, I'm not suggesting you should eat banoffee pie for breakfast, but I am suggesting you to try this wonderfully indulgent Banoffee Granola!

I totally ship home-made granola. Shop-bought granola can hide enormous amounts of unnecessary sugar and refined carbs - not so great to start the day with. There are healthy, low-GI varieties of granola on the market, which are fab, but they can cost about £6 a pouch; that's right - not even a box - a pouch!

For that reason, I make my own granola now. I use whole oats, grains, seeds, fruits and healthy oils - so I can trust what I'm eating. It might seem like you have to buy lots of ingredients to make granola, but once you have those ingredients in the house, you can make boxfuls of the stuff again and again. It's a gift that keeps on giving. You can also flavour it in an overwhelming number of ways, using different fruits, spices and chocolate, so you won't get bored of the idea. However, banoffee flavour granola is THE one to start with.

I make this granola a banoffee granola through a number of ways. I use very ripe bananas, so the granola is rich in banana flavour and aroma. I add a sweet, toffee hymn by using both brown & dark (Muscavado) sugars. I also add dried banana chips for extra crunch. It's a fantastically indulgent creation to greet you in the morning!

Here's how you do it...
What You'll Need:
- for a tray of 6 delicious servings -

2 cups of Rolled Oats (NOT instant oats)
1 Large, Very Ripe Banana
50g of Mixed Seeds (any of: Pumpkin/Sesame/Sunflower/Linseed/Chia)
2 tablespoons of Soft Brown Sugar
2 tablespoons of Dark Muscavado Sugar
3 tablespoons of oil (Vegetable/Sunflower/Coconut
50g (a big handful) of Dried Banana Chips

1. Firstly, preheat an oven to 180C/350F.

Now that's done, weigh out the oats that you need and add them to a large, roomy bowl.

2. Add in your seeds. You can use a mixture of any seeds: pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, linseed or chia seeds.

I tend to use these handy little snacking seed mixes you can get from most supermarkets or health suppliers. It saves having to buy huge packets of seeds which can be ultimately expensive!

3. Peel your banana, and mash it in a separate bowl until it's a fairly smooth, goopy paste.

4. Add your three tablespoons of oil - any unflavoured oil - to your mashed banana and mix well.

The oil will help your granola clump and stick together.

5. Now add in your two tablespoons of soft brown sugar...

... followed by your two tablespoons of dark brown sugar.

Don't be alarmed by the amount of sugar here. Because you will get 6-8 generous servings out of this entire pan of granola, it won't seem like that much sugar in the end.

Mix your sugars and banana until you have a sweet, brown elixir. This is your banoffee 'flavour base'!

6. Simply pour your banoffee 'flavour base' over your oats and seeds.

Take a large, sturdy spoon and work it all together until everything is coated and sticky.

7. Once everything is sticky and banoffee-slicked, tip the entire contents of the bowl into a large baking tray.

It's important to make sure your granola has enough space to spread out so that the heat can reach everything.

I use my special roasting tin that I only ever use for making granola! It's large, wide and so reflective to ensure the heat bounces around and toasts everything.

8. Place your granola tray into the oven, on a middle shelf, and bake it for 15 minutes. Remove your granola from the oven 10 minutes into cooking, give it a stir and shuffle, and return it to the oven for the last 5 minutes.

9. Once baked, your granola should be golden and incredibly aromatic. Your house will smell pretty incredible!

Don't worry if it is still quite damp. Leave your granola to rest on a counter for 10-15 minutes while it continues to cook and firm up.

10. Once it's cool and crisp, sprinkle over a big handful of banana chips, and it is ready to eat!

This banoffee granola will keep for up to a week in a dark, dry place. You can store it in a sealed food container or in a jar, whichever you prefer!

Don't even bother waiting until breakfast to give it a go...

Thanks for reading!

Anthony :) 



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