25 Questions - All About Food!

I got 25 questions...

I talk about food a lot on my blog. I have some explaining to do!

1. What is your favourite breakfast?

Fresh watermelon with coconut yoghurt. My fave breakfast during the summer!

Or if I wake up and feel filthy, I make a giant stack of American-pancakes with bacon and maple syrup. Best. Sunday. Ever.

☁ 2. How do you have your coffee? 

With cream and two spoons of brown sugar. Naughty - I know - but I don't really drink coffee all the time!

I used to adore a cup of coffee in the morning with a pastry and a cigarette - a French breakfast - but I'm smoke-free these days.

☁ 3. What is your favourite sandwich? 

A crisp sandwich. Whoever made the first crisp sandwich has revolutionised the sandwich-eating experience 4EVA.

Thick, white bread, buttered, with a slice of ham, and a whole bag of chunky McCoy's Salt & Vinegar crisps. I dread to say it, but it's my 'manwich'.

☁ 4. Soup or salad? 

Soup! Soup! So tasty. Soup! Soup! So spicy! Carrot and coriander. Chilli chowder. CROUTON! CROUTON!

In all seriousness, I adore a bowl of soup in the winter! I like to make a huge pan of soup to last me a week, so that every time I go back to it, the flavours become more and more intense and delicious! 

Fresh tomato soup with plenty of added chilli, a swirl of green pesto and eaten with a toasted cheese sandwich; it totally gets my furnace roaring!

5. Do you love mother's cooking?


My mam has a very 'Irish' diet - potatoes, meat, starchy vegetables, bread, etc. They're all things I like, don't get me wrong, but when you eat it all the time you feel kinda stuffy and bloated.

She's not very fond of exotic or 'continental food'. She has very old-fashioned tastes. She doesn't usually like any of the things I cook, but I don't take it personally really!

☁ 6. Sweet or Savoury? 

Sweet. You need sweetness in your life.

☁ 7. Which world food is your favourite? 

I love trying food from all over the world! I tend to go through phases, but I always find myself going back to Lebanese, Greek or Moroccan food. It tastes so wholesome, healthy yet has tonnes of flavour. *drool*

☁ 8. What is your favourite food movie? 

I hate talking about this film, because it makes me sound like one of those cliché, 'Namaste' traveller hippie types (I dunno, maybe I am), but my best food film 'Eat Pray Love'.

I first watched that film at a pretty mixed-up time in my life. I was in my final year of university, in an unhappy relationship and was feeling trapped and a bit directionless. This film was about a woman who was in pretty a similar situation to me, who escaped into the world to reawaken her senses. It taught me the idea that food ties in so much culture and exploration in its own right, and eating the right food can transport you anywhere! 

It's an idea I still live by today, and probably will for a long time.

☁ 9. What is your ultimate guilty pleasure? 

Easy! Sweet BBQ Pulled Pork, stuffed into freshly-baked baguettes with pickled onions. I usually make a huge pan of it and I will eat it all to myself. It's a naughty pleasure indeed, but I never feel too guilty about it! 

☁ 10. What was the worst meal you've ever had? 

I was studying for my A-levels, and a school friend invited me to her house for the afternoon to revise for our final exams.

After studying for a little while, she made us some lunch. She sat down with a chicken kiev, vegetables and fries, and gave me a bowl of plain penne pasta with a sprinkle of grated cheese. Was I her war hostage? I ate the whole thing and pretended to enjoy it. I would never ever treat a house guest like that - if you come to my house, I'll always share my food with you, even if I actually have very little.

Funnily enough, me and this girl are no longer friends!

☁ 11. Home cooking or eating out? 

Eating out is great. It's nice to get dressed up, go out and try something new that you probably wouldn't have at home. However, I think home cooking is so underrated. That's why I like sharing recipes! People should be enticed to try new food, with recipes that are straight-forward, require no massive amount of technical skill and that use easy-to-access ingredients. I reckon so many people are intimidated by cooking and think of it as something that should be left to the professionals. NO.

Cooking should be relaxing, experimental and fun. Be playful with it. You don't have to know everything about food. I love cooking, but I don't know how to fillet a fish and I don't know the difference between the many cuts of steak. That's what Google is for!

(sirloin...ribeye...tender?...is 'tender' one of them? I dunno.)

☁ 12. What is your favourite restaurant? 

Blue Sky Cafe, in Bangor, Wales. 

I lived there for 4 years while I attended university, and 'getting a Blue Sky' was the ultimate, indulgent treat when I was a student (not for the calories, but the money!) It was a small cafe, hidden away in a back alley that served fantastic food, coffee and cakes. They would offer one-off specials every now and again so there was always something new and exotic to try. 

I miss that place SO much.

☁ 13. What is your favourite ice cream flavour? 

I like allllll flavours of ice cream! Ice cream is my all time favourite thing to eat, even in winter!

If I had to pick one flavour, it'd have to be pistachio! Delicately nutty and eye-catchingly green!

☁ 14. What is your favourite cooking utensil? 

My rolling pin!

It's a very old rolling pin. It might have even belonged to my great-grandmother! There are a lot of memories attached to that rolling pin. One time, there were two lads stealing clothes from our washing line, so my mam ran out and chased after them with said rolling pin. 

☁ 15. What is your favourite cocktail? 

Anything that reminds me of holidays! So I'd go for Piña Colada or a Strawberry Daiquiri.

☁ 16. What is your favourite snack? 

I love to snack on anything that is small and nibbly. I like to cut up a pitta bread into little triangles, toast them, and eat them with houmous and some black olives. It's a pretty big snack, but it doesn't feel too naughty. ;)

Or when I can't be arsed: a whole packet of chocolate chip cookies!

☁ 17. What is your favourite pizza topping? 

I've always loved Hawaiian (Ham & Pineapple). I really dig fruit on pizza.

The best pizzas I've ever eaten were Fig & Ham (Greece) and Rabbit & Banana (Spain)

☁ 18. Which foods do you hate? 

Seafood - unless it's covered in chilli - that's a whole other story!

Pears. If you locked me in a room with a bomb, and the only way to escape was to eat a whole pear, I'd be so dead.

Also, liquorice. Cannot stand the stuff. I'd rather eat my own belt (I saw a woman do that on MTV once - anything is possible.)

☁ 19. What is the most difficult thing you've ever cooked? 

A soft-boiled egg.

Seriously bro, that shit is fucking HARD!

☁ 20. What is the craziest thing you've ever eaten? 

Alligator! There is a restaurant in Nairobi, Kenya called 'Carnivore', an all-you-can-eat buffet which serves all kinds of weird stuff, from giraffe to ostrich.

Alligator was kinda alright. Bit like eating a shoe.

☁ 21. How much do you spend on food shopping each week? 

I spend about £30-40 on food just for me. I find it very hard to scrimp on food! Even when I was a skint university student, I would rather have skipped a night of clubbing than had an empty fridge!

☁ 22. What is your favourite cup of tea? 

I love green tea. I tend to buy the one that is blended with jasmine because I find it pretty therapeutic to drink. It's really nice with a splash of pomegranate juice too - which makes it very soothing and very Persian!

☁ 23. What is your favourite flavour of crisps? 

Salt & Vinegar.

I'm obsessed with salt and vinegar. If I were captured by cannibals, I'd demand to be rubbed with salt and vinegar before they chow down on my soft, fatty flesh. I would be really delicious.

☁ 24. What would be your last meal on Death Row? 

Starter: Bruschetta with baby tomatoes, mozzarella, pesto and gallons of balsamic vinegar.
Main: Chocolate gateau, with all the cream scraped out and whole bars of chocolate slid between the layers.
Dessert: Dozen-box of Krispy Kreme Doughnuts

(No lie, I just had a HUGE heart palpitation-thing writing this answer! Now I have a headache.)

☁ 25. What is the most embarrassing thing you like to eat? 

Tuna & Sweetcorn Mayonnaise with pasta. 

People seem to think it's revolting but I just LOVE it. It's not attractive. It has the sex appeal of a prostate exam. I take tinned tuna, sweetcorn, full-fat mayonnaise, wholegrain mustard, tonnes of vinegar, tonnes of black pepper and pickled onions, mix it all up and spread it over huge tubes of rigatoni pasta. I enjoy eating this out of a mixing bowl when nobody else is around. They never have to know. Until now. ;)


I hope you enjoyed these answers! Let me know if there is anything you agree on. I like knowing about people with similar tastes. It makes me feel a little less of a freak!

Thanks for reading!

Anthony :)



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