Springtime Blooms

So I haven't a written a personal update in a while!

I've had a long few wintery months. There have been a lot of ups and downs, forward and back paces and tricky decisions to make. It's all a bit of a muddle to articulate into writing, so I'll just jump straight to it.

So in my last personal update, I had just moved back home from working in Bolivia. I didn't have a lot of money and needed a job. After my work in Bolivia, I felt more confident that I could take on a more responsible role. I had spent the year working in retail, and I wanted to raise the bar. I was also telling you how I had been shortlisted for a project leader role with a charity based in Palestine, which I was really excited about.

Unfortunately, I was told at the end of January that the organisation would going through a structural overhaul this year, so I wouldn't be heading out to Palestine until the start of 2016. So that opportunity was panned...for this year at least.

It took a lot of searching, tweaking CVs, completing lengthy applications and taking rejections, but just last month I finally landed a really good job in the emergency medical services. The wages are fantastic, and I only have to work 3-4 days a week, meaning I have plenty of spare time to dedicate to my interests and projects. I start in June, and I just cannot wait!

It's a massive relief to no longer have that demoralising, waking-up-in-the-night uncertainty of being unable to find a job.

Aside from a new job, there is a new guy in my life too!

I've been single for over a year now, but never really felt rushed to get back into dating. I'm pretty fussy when it comes to men really; I like kindness, a daft sense of humour, thoughtfulness, humbleness, self-awareness, nessnessness and a sprinkle of 'fuck-it-let's-do-it' mentality. I knew that was a lot of expectations to have, so I was happy to wait a while before the right person came along!

But that particular guy came along and he is my absolute 10/10. I feel incredibly fortunate to have met a superb person, in my own city, without sifting through disappointing romantic encounters. We've been going out for a few weeks now, and we are getting along incredibly well! We both love speaking other languages, travelling, writing, perving over food and we have a fantastic time together. I adore him. He isn't ashamed to hold my hand in public (which is brave, even in 2015!), so he's awesome in my opinion. Anyways, I'll stop my gushing. I'm just excited to see where it goes!

EDIT: The guy ended up being an asshole.

Right now, I'm just relieved the winter has finally passed! This winter has been a pain in the arse. Because I arrived back from South America in December, I was very much blind-sighted by the chilly weather. I found it so difficult to get out and get motivated. Bailing out of a warm duvet in the morning was literally painful, and jumping in the shower was like a Soviet training exercise. It took a massive effort to leave the house; the whole hat-topping, scarf-wrapping, glove-tugging, boot-lacing operation was too much bollocks when you only needed to nip to the shops for milk.

What's more, when you're cold, all you wanna do is just eat chocolate, buttery mashed potatoes and hot pies - which is exactly what I did! It's near impossible to eat well when it's so cold and dark. Me and my mam actually spent a lot of time at the local library because heating the house was just too expensive. That probably sounds shocking, but it really made me appreciate my old woolly scarves and jumpers!

But hallelujah!

Now it's March, and fortunately, it is a lot warmer, sunnier and lighter now. It has encouraged me to cook more and eat more tasty, exotic food. I've been getting out a lot more and exercising, which has gotten rid of my winter wobbles! So now that I've effectively thawed out and warmed up, I've been thinking about what I'd like to get out of the rest of this year.

I don't have any wild, ambitious plans this year (so far). I just want to get on my feet. My mam has been struggling with depression for the past year, and she is gradually getting better since I have been living at home. I want to start my job and begin saving up some dollar, help my mam out and maybe even get my own place. Then, I'll start getting real about my next move in life, whether that's medical school, working abroad, Palestine - I just dunno yet - we'll see!

I do have plenty more travel ideas to burn through; I don't plan on putting my walking boots back in their dustbag just yet! I have been planning two massive adventures for 2016: a tour of the Arctic and a tour of the Middle-East, which I'l share in more detail soon. 

In the meantime however, I don't think I will doing much globetrotting in 2015. Instead, I'm planning a couple of smaller, cheaper trips closer to home: The Netherlands, Ireland and hopefully Morocco too.

As for the blog, you may have noticed I've been writing a heap of food posts the past few month! I have tonnes of brilliant recipe ideas that I am excited to test and share on the blog over this year. I hope they will blow your miiiind!

I definitely plan on bringing a more regular stream of new recipe/food posts, so you can look forward to plenty of deliciously tempting goods as this year progresses!

In the meantime, do enjoy the blog!

I'll keep you posted!

Thanks for reading,

Anthony :)



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