Salty Choco-Nut Express Bars

This is probably the easiest recipe I will ever share with you.

Nevertheless, these Salty Choco-Nut Express Bars are a total life-saver. There is no baking or culinary skill involved at all; this is total, grassroots 'cooking' that even the dumbest creature could get the knack of. We're essentially just making chocolate bars, out of chocolate bars!

Now this definitely isn't a genius creation, but I tried this recipe when I held a charity bake sale. I had spent all day making different cakes and I was pretty burnt out, so I tried my hand and something straight-forward and easy to sell to people just walking by, who didn't want to sit down and eat cake. Amazingly enough, these bad boys were the first to sell out! They were gone within an hour, and everybody sang high praises of them. Little did they know just how little effort they required!

Whether it's forgotten birthdays, last minute dinner parties, speedy packed lunches, making apologies, your first day of university, comfort food, or your very own charity bake sale - they're all a divine calling for these Choco-Nut Express Bars. Salty & sweet has become a big gastro-trend in recent years, so you'll be serving up style with devilishly low effort, and nobody will be any the wiser!

I personally like to make a dark chocolate and white chocolate version at the same time, so I can jumble the finished bars together in a box and share them out. People respond very well to options! That being said, you can alter this recipe to make it as glitzy or complicated as you like. Mix it up with different nuts, or dried fruits, or honeycomb - anything you can imagine.

Anyways, before I get your imagination running wild, let's jump right into the goodness. I'll be showing you how to make Dark Chocolate & Peanut and White Chocolate & Cashew Express Bars.
What You'll Need:
(to make 8 hunky bars)

Dark Chocolate & Peanut Bars
250g Milk Chocolate
150g Salted Peanuts

White Chocolate & Cashew Bars
250g White Chocolate
125g Salted Cashew Nuts


1. Break your chocolate into small pieces and place them into a microwaveable bowl.

And you won't fuck it up if you pinch a square or two for yourself...

Zap your bowl of chocolate in the microwave for 10 seconds at a time, taking the bowl out in between zaps and shuffling the pieces around. Once most of the chocolate has melted, start stirring it with a spoon until it's all melted and shiny.

Of course, you could melt your chocolate over a water boiler, but it really isn't necessary, and it just takes extra time. If you do it right, you can melt chocolate with great success in a microwave.

There's only one stipulation for this: please don't use Cadbury's or Galaxy chocolate. It really doesn't taste good when it's salted, probably due to them having a very distinct flavour. An inferior brand of chocolate works much better; trust me. Plus, it's a lot cheaper too.

2. Once your chocolate is a glossy, molten pool, it's time to add in your salted nuts.

Don't like cashews or peanuts? You can switch them for walnuts, pistachios or almonds. Don't like dark chocolate? you can use milk chocolate; in fact, I prefer to use 50:50 of milk and dark chocolate for a little extra sweetness. You could add spices (I personally think nutmeg would work well with white chocolate), or if you're after extra nuttiness, add a tablespoon of peanut butter to your melted chocolate.

3. Mix your nuts and chocolate until all of your nuts are thoroughly coated with shiny chocolate. If you'd like to add in any extra ingredients (dried fruit, peanut butter), do so now.

4. Empty your mixture out into a small tin or container, roughly 20cm x 15cm (I used some old camping tins) and press it down evenly, making sure you don't have any shallow parts.

5. Place your containers in the fridge, and leave them for 1 hour to completely set.

And by all means, tuck into any leftover chocolate...

Once your ChocoNut Bars have become solid, cut them into hunky bars and store them in the fridge until needed.

And that really is it!

It's a pretty common-sensical recipe, but it's always good to keep it at the back of your mind. It'll be your secret weapon when you're against the clock!

Thanks for reading!

Anthony :)



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