Rule-Brekkin' White Chocolate Nutella

They said they a white chocolate Nutella would never happen. But it just did.

I've had a very long, emotional love affair with Nutella. I ate it pretty sparingly as a kid, as my mam hated buying 'junk' like that. My mam's twin sister, however, always had her fridge loaded with junk goodies: Pop Tarts, Coco Pops, Coca Cola, and Nutella; all the good shit. I would enjoy Nutella lashed all over toast whenever I stayed her house.

Fast forward 18 years or so, I was in my first year of university and was finally buying my own food shopping. Nutella was a regular purchase right through my uni days. I baked with it, made hot chocolate with it, spread it on warm cinnamon swirls and - most often than the rest - just ate it straight out of the jar with a knife (never a spoon - the knife just adds an essence of danger.)

That was 2012.


Anyways, I've seen the odd petition or two over the past couple of years, calling for Nutella manufacturer Ferrero to manufacture a white chocolate variety of the hazelnut spread. They seem to have declined every time, sadly.

Then I thought about making it myself at home.

I've came across a handful of recipes for Nutella, all of which ask for far-fetched ingredients (to me, anyways!) such as hazelnut essence, hazelnut purée and all kinds of fancy nut oils. Not only that, but judging from photos of some other recipes, the end result looks more like a chocolate sauce than a spread. What I want is a thick, fudgy spread that acts like butter: firm in the fridge but silky and smooth on hot toast, and I'm going to tell you how to get it!

One thing true of all Nutella recipes: they're actually tastier than the real thing! You probably find that hard to believe I bet, but my Nutella recipe contains double the amount of hazelnuts than found in genuine Nutella. It's still a naughty snack, of course, but it racks up so much more nutritional punch than the real deal!

What You'll Need:
For a jam-jar-size elixir of white Nutella
180g hazelnuts
200g white chocolate
6 tablespoons of flavourless oil (vegetable/sunflower)
4 tablespoons icing sugar
1/2 teaspoon of salt
1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract

1. Let's get toasting! Heat an oven to 180C/350F and spread your hazelnuts out across a baking tray.

Toast them in the oven for 10-15 minutes until they've slightly darkened.

Once toasted, the autumny, nutty aroma will be unlocked and they will be smelling pretty damn fine - you'll see!

2. Now for the tedious part. We need to rub the brown skins off the hazelnuts so they're bare naked. Once toasted, the skins will peel off very easily. You can rub them off one by one or take a handful and knead them together to loosen the skins.

Don't worry if you can't get all the skin completely off.

There will be a few nutty rebels who refuse to let go of their jackets completely, so you can just leave them behind.

3. Now we need to grind our hazelnuts. This step really determines what kind of Nutella texture you'll have.

If you have a food processor, simply process the hazelnuts until they're fine ground - in the end, this will give you a smooth, silky Nutella.

If, like me, you don't have a food processor, then simply bag up your nuts into a sandwich bag (or two, to prevent any messy punctures!) and pound them to within an inch of their lives with a rolling pin/wine bottle.

I gotta mention that this last method won't give you a smooth, silky texture like the Nutella we all know and love. This method will give you a gritty, chunky Nutella - sort of like chunky peanut butter! I happen to really like the chunky version myself - it feels a bit more grown up - so go whichever way you like depending on whether you want smooth or chunky.

4. Regardless of how you handled your nuts, add in your 6 tablespoons of oil, half a teaspoon of vanilla extract, half a teaspoon of salt and finally, 4 tablespoons of icing sugar.

Mix all of them together until you have a thick, nutty paste.

5. Now for the child's play...

Break your white chocolate into small pieces and melt in the microwave (10sec/stir/10secs/stir) until smooth.

Simply pour your white chocolate into your nutty paste, and mix quickly until everything is well-combined.

6. Prepare a jar (you can use an old jam or coffee jar) for your white Nutella, and pour in your finished creation.

It might seem alarmingly liquid at this stage - don't worry - it will set quite hard in the fridge.

Now you can finish off the leftovers!

To keep your Nutella soft and spreadable, store it in a dark cupboard, where it will last for up to a week. if it will last that long!

Enjoy on toast, fruit or on custard cream biscuits!

Thanks for reading! :)




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