A Whole Lotta Change

Hi everybody!

I've been radio-silent for a little while, for that I'm very sorry!

It's been a dizzying few weeks. There have been some big changes in my personal life, which has been frightening and at the same time, electrifying. For starters, I no longer live in Wales! I'll elaborate more on that in one of my next posts!

So I've had loads of stuff to do recently and of course, now I have lots of shiny, new things to share with you - recipes, travel plans, advice and perspectives - a lot of goodness, and it's all coming your way!

I'll be updating this blog over the next week. I'll be updating some of the pages, pruning old posts and expanding on some of my content. There will a few layout changes to make this thing look a bit tidier - I know it's not too bad right now, bit it could be a bit neater!

Follow me on Bloglovin' to keep up with my new posts over the next few weeks - you ought to, they're going to be pretty exciting!

See you soon!




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