Churn It Up!

I made an investment this week!

I bought an ice cream churner.

My last ice cream recipe post was quite popular with a few people. I had a few messages from people who had a read and tried making my Coco PiƱa Ice Cream. They thought it was delightful too!

I would love to make more ice cream. I do have very good reasons.

1) It is my absolute most favourite food ever.
2) You can make a plethora of flavours (I love variety!)
3) It can be a guilt-drenched treat (for naughty days) or a guilt-free delight (for fatty days).

So my little goodie-box arrived!

I bought a churner with a generous 1.5 litre canister. I found it HERE on Amazon for around £20. This particular churner is on an 80% price mark-down, so it's worth grabbing quick! You pop the canister in the freezer for 12 hours before you make your ice cream - it's lined with a slow-defrost gel that stays frozen for a while during the churning process. Using this churner, ice cream takes about 20-30 minutes to make. You can buy ice cream churners that have a self-contained freezing unit. This would be much more straight-forward and better for a sudden, urgent ice cream craving, but they usually come at about £200 a pop!

So unboxed my new baby and set it up.

The mixing paddle scrapes the edges of the bowl and churns the ice cream mixture constantly, so it freezes slowly and doesn't produce solid ice crystals. That way, you get a smooth, creamy ice cream and not a gritty, frosty slush...or a block of milky ice!

Just when I thought that was it, I noticed a pop of colour at the bottom of the parcel. I fished the object out and...oh...hello there!

They sent a Ben and Jerry's Recipe Manual! It's a pretty hefty book and it is crammed with a lot of funky recipes. They even have recipes for their classic flavours like Cherry Garcia and New York Fudge Chunk.

The book is very informative if it's your first time making ice cream. The beginning chapter gives you an understanding of the process, some handy flavour tips and a basic grasp of the food chemistry involved in making a perfect ice cream.

I was delighted with this surprise! I'll try some of these out and share them with you if they turn out wonderfully!

I hope to bring you a few interesting ice cream recipes in very near future! Do you have any flavour ideas to start me off?

Thanks for reading,

Anthony :)



  1. I have nominated you for the Sunshine Award. Check it out here

  2. Oooo I love the idea of making my own ice cream. Great post.

    Beth x


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