A Walk in the Woods (Newborough, Wales)

I've been wanting to see Newborough Forest for ages!

It's crammed with pine trees, which for some reason I just love. I think I like them because they look all cute and wintery, I like their pointy, triangular form and they also remind me of going to Norway when I was little.

I like trees in general really.

I'm very drawn to forest and woodland. Maybe it's some sort of evolutionary hand-down. Forests are a place of shelter, safety, food and quiet, and though I'm not really lacking in those first three necessities at the moment, quiet is something which has to be sought these days! A walk in the woods would sort that out, I thought! A bit of fresh air.

I hopped on the bus.

I was dropped off in the middle of the forest. The bus driver me pointed me down a good path. 'Get back up here before it gets dark' he groaned, and off he rattled.

Already it was gorrrgeous!

Fluffy branches up above wafting around in the sea air. Calm.

Because Newborough Forest is directly on the sea, the air smells like wood, moss and salt! Refreshing stuff.

It was a weekend at the spa for my sinuses!

It was a pretty cold day, so I wore my warmest jacket. It's a flying jacket I bought from River Island a while ago. It's lusciously thick and oh-so warm! I dropped a clothes size since I bought it, but it's now nice and roomy inside!

Newborough Forest is only 80 years old. The trees were planted and cultivated here to prevent sands blowing into the nearby Newborough town and blanketing the farms. You wouldn't really guess it was so young though, it's jam-packed with life. The rare red squirrels live here, along with many types of birds which are constantly in song.

Don't you think this log looks like ham?

Well I think it looks like ham...

The forest occasionally broke to reveal vast, open areas of grassy marsh. Doesn't sound like anything special, but given that I visited on a late February afternoon, the sun was already starting to set and everything was bathed in a peachy glow.


After strolling along the edge of the forest and bathing in the sunlight, the path lead back into the woodland again.

The sunset had transformed the trees into a pretty handsome shade of chestnut brown. 


The path lead uphill to a point where you could see just how spectacular the whole show looked!


This part of the forest was totally hogging the sunlight!

The trees looked like cinnamon sticks.

Dotted around the forest were rocks that had these pink, gleaming chunks in them. I dug a couple of them up to inspect and they were beautiful!

 I'm not sure what kind of rock is it, but it looks like rose quartz!

Pretty, eh?

You'd think this was some kind of fairy forest. Pretty stones, fuzzy bushes and clusters of seafoam-coloured moss on the forest floor. It certainly looks the part, don't you think?

After digging around some more, lifting up logs and being generally nosy, I noticed the sunlight starting to saturate.

It was getting dark now. I had to race back to the bus stop to catch the last bus back to Bangor!

The forest was beautiful in the light mind, but I sure as hell didn't fancy being here for lights out.

I couldn't work out how long it would take to get back, as I spent who knows how long rummaging around and being nosy along the way. I started walking back at a brisk pace.

Just to be on the safe side, I slipped into a leisurely yet physically awkward jog.

I literally can't remember the last time I ran...



...I made it to the bus stop on time. In fact, I made it incredibly on time, that I managed to read the bus timetable and realise that my bus would actually be passing by an hour later than what I'd thought.

So I spent an hour watching the forest grow very dark and scary...

The bus came swerving around the corner while I was stood waving my iPhone flashlight like a dramatic prat.

Needless to say, I made it back home safely!

I'm now sat in bed, having filled my face with a bowl of Teriyaki Pork noodles and feeling quite satisfied with today's slice of nature.

What's the nicest forest you've been in?

Thanks for reading! :)




  1. I've camped on newborough beach before. Its amazing at night. A tad scary but the stars are so amazing. :D


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