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Long time and no see!

If you've been following my blog this year, you may recall that I organised a big trip for after my graduation.

Last month, I travelled to Kenya and spent a month volunteering there, then visited the middle-east country of Oman for a bonus adventure on the way home.

I had the time of my life!!!

So much happened, so I'm going to spread it over a few posts into iddy-bitty, bitesize chunks.

But now I'm back home in Newcastle, completely penniless and jobless. It sucks majorly, but I'm taking the days as they come and keeping my beady eye out for jobs.

Stay tuned!

Oh - and I hope you like the blog's new, sleeker look! I figured I'd give it a revamp seeing as I'm beginning a new phase in my life. Hope you're diggin' it!




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