Bro, Do You Even Graduate?

I graduated this weekend!

After 3 years, I now have a stockpile of fond memories, jeans ranging from sizes 34" to 40" and a BSc in Psychology with Neuropsychology. It's been a rip-roaring adventure!

My mam and my sister got the train down to Wales from Newcastle for the weekend to watch the ceremony, share drinks, and (finally) meet all of my friends!

It was armpit-milking 27 degrees celsius with zero breeze whatsoever. Graduates were dripping with sweat while their proud parents fanned their bronzed-up faces with their glossy programmes. The atmosphere was peaceful however, everybody was networking, introducing parents to other parents and complimenting each others' suits and frocks.

We made our way to the ceremony early to greet some of my friends who had graduated that morning. My ceremony was later in the day, but I arrived early to see them, congratulate them and get groupie-photos!

As soon as we arrived, we were led into a marquee and bought a round of Pimms goodness. We sipped and stirred, networked and chuckled while musical notes twinkled away in the background. I constantly made sure there were no flakes of mint stuck between my teeth!

Then the guys and gals came out of the hall donned in their gaps and gowns. We wandered into the university courtyard which was bursting with greenery and blue skies overhead.

Much to her horror, Rachel's original graduation dress turned out to be made of faux-leather! Thank god she found a different dress in time or she would have cooked like a Birds Eye fish-in-a-bag. Be careful when you're shopping online people!

Abby put together her outfit half an hour before the ceremony, but she still looked the part!

The 'I can't believe I'm a graduate!' pose.

We nabbed a photo with our favourite lecturer, Dr Fay Short. She taught a lot of modules during our degree, but was particularly brilliant in teaching a module on Counselling Psychology, which is her forté. She's hilarious, very friendly and refreshingly down-to-earth, and a lot of academics don't seem to be like that.

After doing our poses and being daft, I ran to collect my own gown and be seated for my ceremony that afternoon.

They called our names one by one, after having our gowns tidied and straightened last-minute in the queue backstage. It was a very old-fashioned, traditional ceremony with lots of classical, percussive music, littered with Welsh poetry here and there. I'm not going to lie, it was incredibly pretentious and pretty damn boring! But it did a marvellous job of convincing our parents that it was a huge deal, and made them much more inclined to treat us later on! mawahahaha.

Gowned up, it was time to capture some more memories to cherish in the future!

Some piccies with my mam and my sister. I really couldn't have made it without their being there through the 3 years!

I throw my hat up in the air sometimes... 

The day was over incredibly quickly! We rushed back to the house, took off our gladrags and put on something more weather-appropriate.

We went for a quick little date to Bangor pier, and fortunately the café was actually open (for once!). It was all about cherry scones and buttery shortbread for the next half an hour...

And then we caught the train home to Newcastle! A true whirlwind weekend full of joy, memories and a petrifying awareness of getting older!




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