The Pier

When I moved to Bangor for university 3 years ago, the older students kept telling us how nice the pier was. They'd get all dewy-eyed and reminisce for a good 10 minutes while us freshers just sat around wondering what they were on about.

 The next day, some of us decided to get together and check out the pier. We barely knew each other so it was a nice way to break the ice!

That trip to the pier was the first of many. I continued to visit throughout the year, over the years. I would sometimes take my university work down there, or just a light-hearted book. I've bonded with friends there. I've enjoyed the 'famous scones' at the end of the pier one or two times. I've made tricky life decisions while staring out to the sea and I've taken one or two dates for a stroll along its length and back. I have a lot of memories from the pier; it's a special place to me.

You can do crab fishing at the pier, which I haven't tried yet. Usually I just mess about like a big kid.
Summer 2013

Winter 2010

There are coin-activated telescopes dotted around the length of the pier, so you can check out the Great Orme in Llandudno, or Menai Bridge in the distance.

There are benches which are clearly made for lovers...

...and benches for little old men and women to watch the youth race by with their well-oiled joints and taut skin.

You probably remember me mentioning 'famous scones' earlier, right? Well there's a tea room right at the end of the pier that serve very good home-baked scones of different varieties.

I do recommend you try out the scones though, they are very nice and not too badly priced. The tea room is run by a local elderly couple who, unfortunately, have a reputation for being very rude to customers. The tea room also has the most awkward opening times during the week. It is only open on a Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, and only for a few hours on each day. Pretty annoying. 90% of times I've been to the pier, it's shut. But I guess the old folks need their rest!

Fortunately there are a few other grub options. There's a small café in the middle of the pier that sells fresh seafood dishes to take away. The other day they were cooking up a seafood chowder!

The toilets are always open. They're a bit scary though. There are big gaps in the floorboards so you can see the ocean underneath you. I always get paranoid that there might be a scuba diver watching you do your business from down below...eek!

If you're in the area, perhaps checking out Snowdonia National Park, do have a stroll along the pier! I wouldn't recommend it at all on a windy day because it's just deadly. Personally I think the pier is very nice in the rain! There are sheltered booths dotted around so you won't get (too) wet!

Of course, it is best enjoyed on a clear, sunny day...

Anthony :)



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