School's Out!

I officially finished my university degree today!

No more daunting assessments; no more obsessing over vague marking criteria - it's all done. My Psychology degree is done and dusted. All I have left is graduation!

For our final assessment, we had to present our dissertation research in a conference to students and academic staff. It was a nerve-wracking day. I had to present my hefty dissertation project, which took 9 months to complete, in just under 10 minutes! I then had to face a Q&A from academic staff, most of whom are pretty big in their fields of research! It was intense, and everybody else felt the pressure too! 

My best friend Abby came along for moral support and took a cheeky SnapChat shot!

I felt confident that I had made my project sound a lot more interesting than it actually was! It was all down to creative slideshow designs and a peppy voice! I decided not to be fussy about marking criteria, and to just have fun presenting instead! The Q&A turned out to be not so bad after all! When I finished, I rejoined the audience and watched the other students give their final swing. For me, a 3-year long chapter had just finished.

I dressed like I was in Brokeback Mountain, wearing snug skinny jeans and a checked shirt. I dabbed some toner around my face to give me a bit of a glaze to appear more awake than I actually was!

It was a sad day. That calmly anticipated fork in the road had come a lot sooner than I thought it would. Other people were declaring how they had packed up their lives and were heading home that day. Some were declaring their celebratory meal plans for that evening. Some declared that they were staying around to study postgraduate courses, and so didn't feel the need to celebrate just yet.

The majority of people are heading off to new pastures. My Psychology class is extremely big - around 200 students! Most of them I've never even spoken to, but still I will miss them. I will miss seeing their faces around campus, in lectures (not that I went to many...) and around town. Even those few people who would annoy greatly, I will miss them too. I'll miss being irritated by them and rolling my eyes at their rumoured antics. They were all part of this wonderful experience, and it's painful to watch it being defragmented one person at a time.

However, this is just one of those inevitable things in life. People come and...usually...they have to go again! They have their own story to pen. It's just a shame I've become so comfortable in this 3-year chapter of my life. It's been my most favourite chapter so far. The rest of the chapters certainly have a lot to live up to!

Now for the next phase of life! I have a gap-year to plan and a place at medical school to fight for!

I wish everybody the best in their endeavours!




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