Drawing on the Walls

As soon as I saw my cosy bedroom when I moved into my student house, I immediately knew what I would do to it.

I converted a large, dull section of wall into a handsome, grand chalkboard.

I couldn't decide on a colour scheme or theme for my bedroom, so I figured why not let myself change it whenever I damn fancy it?

Over the years I've had lots of fun with my chalkboard. Not trying to anthropomorphise it or anything, but I genuinely have formed an emotional bond with it.

I've celebrated with it.

I've expressed myself with it.

And I've just had a good ol' laugh with it!
 Mona Lisa

Sadly though, I am moving house in a few weeks. I will have to cover up my ever-transforming masterpiece so it is a blank slate for the new inhabitants.

When I'm older, waged, and have a house of my own, it will be back. With a vengence.

Happy scribbling!




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