It has been so long since I last made a post! I'm so so sorry, I've been very busy lately with university exams, dissertation writing and general commotion that I have barely had the time to whack out a full post for you. I've had 3 half-written posts sat in my dashboard that I've been meaning to finish for a while, but sadly never got around to it.

I can tell I've been away from my blog - I've been feeling more stressed and muddled about life since I've been away. Writing really seems to be therapy for the soul! It puts everything into order.

However I'm back! I still have a patchy dissertation and menacing exam period approaching but I could use an excuse to escape. I bring back good news which I will announce in separate posts this week. Basically, I have some new adventures confirmed! I cannot wait to share them with you this week!

Watch this space.

It's nice being back here. ^_^




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