Hazelnut Hottie

When Alpro released their new nutty milk ranges (available in hazelnut and almond varieties), I conceived this idea instantly!

I'm a huge nut fan. I love their crunch and their milky, autumnal colours (we'll include pistachios on this occasion!) They're best friends with chocolate absolutely absolutely absolutely! Chocolate and nuts are friends who rarely argue or fall-out, so I trust their friendship an awful lot. You can trust their friendship too, with this nutty, chocolatey drink to get all toasty with until Spring eventually arrives!

You might be thinking 'why not just add hazelnut syrup?'. Well, because the hazelnut milk is made with actual liquidised hazelnuts, it tastes and smells much much much more authentic!

2 ingredients:

+ 1 carton of Hazelnut Milk.

+ Hot chocolate powder of your choice (Cadbury's/Galaxy/Green&Black's/Options)

The method of course is easy-peasy!

1. Heat up enough of your hazelnut milk as you will be wanting to drink. A pint sounds good! ;)
2. Heat the hazelnut milk until it becomes too hot to touch, but not necessarily boiling. Turn off the heat.
3. Add as much hot chocolate powder as you like to your mug (I'm being slack here because I know that everybody adds more than the amount specified on the instructions!).
4. Add a few teaspoons of your hot hazelnut milk to your powder, and mix briskly with a spoon until you get a custardy paste.
5. Proceed to add the rest of your hazelnut milk, stirring, and watching your drink swell into a creamy, nutty, chocolatey elixir!
6. This is the most crucial step: Slouch and enjoy!




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