'Confessions' - by Candy Chang

I first watched a talk by Candy Chang on TED. She is an artist based in New Orleans...I think! She travels all over the place! When she lived in Las Vegas, she transformed her apartment into a studio for the public to submit their deepest, darkest, emotional confessions. These were then displayed in a gallery, anonymously, for all to see.

Candy Chang likes to work with public spaces. I really admire that about her! She makes a real effort for community, and her work really seems to bring people together. This is a lovely theme for Christmas!

Just to give you a taste of her work, here are some pictures of her Las Vegas venture, 'Confessions':



Some of the work was cheerful and hilarious, some dark and even sinister. How often in life do you get to make confessions like this, purely free of judgement?

I like it.

Hope you enjoyed reading this!

Have a merry Christmas everybody!


(pictures from http://candychang.com/confessions/ , where you can read more about Candy's work)



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